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  • Why CIMCO products?

    Because these products are not only complete the "Idea-Design-Manufacturing-Technology" for further useful tools in the production, but also combine individual links in the chain and make it continuous and integrated. This are products that can edit or create NC codes but also set up communication between CNC and computer work, including monitoring the utilization of machines, etc., and of course also manage all the documentation. All work and their progress can be easily monitored on computers. Any job can be assigned a bar code, which all simplifies and automates. This leads to the removal of identified errors or downtime, increase productivity and improve the resulting quality.

    What you acquire/get with CIMCO:

    Technological tools

    DNC and MDC networks

    Data management (PDM)

    CIMCO - to meet your requirements

    Ask yourself honestly to the question, what is most important for the company. Since the company was created from the word business, so that the maximum profits and minimum costs at optimum quality.

    Effective and comfortable processing

    CIMCO products – technical system aspects

    The above points are just a short list of system possibilities, but not all, because it is not possible to describe all aspects. This is given the fact that the merger of two or more options is possible to obtain more useful options.

    More about individual products or integrated solutions, see the section „CIMCO Products“.
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