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  • Why Inventor HSM?

    Because CAD/CAM Inventor HSM system offers all requested from easy using, instant calculations up to outputs at the highest professional level. It is the full-valued CAD/CAM system where CAD part is represented via Inventor and CAM part via Inventor HSM.

    With Inventor HSM you acquire:


    Requested Inventor HSM CAM system fully integrated in Inventor


    Requested Inventor CAD system

    Adaptivní obrábění

    Adaptivní obrábění


    Easy using, fast processing and outputs at the professional level

    Uniform user interface bringing benefits:

    Needed support able to solve your needs (CAD i CAM)

    Inventor HSM – fruition of your requirements

    If your company wants to be successful and competitive, you have to maximize profits, minimize costs and reach the optimal quality.

    Effective and safe machining / production

    Effective and comfortable CAM work

    Effective and comfortable CAD work

    Inventor HSM – technical system aspects

    The points below are only a brief list of the system capability, but not all of them are listed, because it isn't possible to do in brief. It is because if two or three options are joined, it increases the number of the useful possibilities. In every case, Inventor HSM is created with the „Easy to Use“ property. If we add the professional outputs, it is the best together with the most comfortable at once.

    CAD - Inventor

    Adaptivní obrábění

    Adaptivní obrábění

    CAM – Inventor HSM

    All the needed machining strategies

    Machining optimization

    Adaptivní obrábění

    Multiaxis machining and turning

    Adaptivní obrábění

    Multiaxis machining

    Tool, Shaft, Tool holder, fixtures etc. checking

    Stock simulatio

    Obrázek HSMWORKS




    Obrázek HSMWORKS



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