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    1C Pro s.r.o. company was established at the beginning in 2009. The main goal of the company was to find, distribute and support such CAD/CAM system which explicitly overcomes the current CAD/CAM systems in the market, and which satisfies all the needs of the most exacting customers. The choice was very easy and clear after HSMWorks had been tested, and so 1C Pro s.r.o. company became HSMWorks distributor for the Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary.

    Following the Autodesk acquisition of the HSMWorks product and combining this technology with Inventor CAD system, a new CAD/CAM system Inventor HSM was created. 1C Pro company became in 2013 distributor also Inventor HSM product for the Czech republic, Slovakia and other Central and Easter Europe.

    Of course, 1C Pro s.r.o. company ensures the whole user support from installations, through trainings up to helps in emergency cases during CAD/CAM processing. The support includes postprocessors editing/creating for control system of the CNC machines, and next related activities.

    1C Pro s.r.o. company is placed in Prague and the good knowledge is based on aged experiences from practices in the PC programming, CAD/CAM parts processing, and the real chip machining areas. 1C Pro s.r.o. offers not only the CAD/CAM system, but the services and related works, and the company can serve as a design or technology office.

    Goal of 1C Pro s.r.o.

    Distribute and support the best CAD/CAM system, which allow increasing productivity, decreasing expenses together with reaching the optimal result quality.

    Motto of 1C Pro s.r.o.

    Every man I meet, really every, is better than me with something. And so I learn from him...!

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