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    AP STEEL GROUP s.r.o.

    The production company has many years of experience and expertise in engineering, specializing in precision cut shapes, machining and welding. Production is intended above all other domestic and foreign customers in the engineering industry. Furthermore, specializing in shape cutting sheets - precision cut shapes, CNC machining and welding. Custom production is intended for domestic and foreign customers in the engineering industry.

    Armaturka Vranová Lhota, a.s.

    AVL company is a major supplier of various components in metalworking. Currently it presents itself as a manufacturer of high-pressure valves check valves and pressure locks. AVL is among the leading Czech companies in the area of machining. The company is equipped with powerful CNC lathes, and one multispindle machines and machining centers.

    CAZER s.r.o.

    The company possesses expertise and experience in automation of production processes, with the necessary support of electronic management systems and applied video technology for optical non-contact measurement. The company also gained an important position in the field of precision engineering production.

    CKP Chrudim a.s.

    CKP Chrudim company offers a range of electric and aku power tools with authorized service, assortment of garden equipment, abrasives, hand tools, workshop equipment, etc. The Company uses CAD/CAM technology for machining, manufacturing and renovation of common and special tools in their own grindery with coating providing. Company is certified dealer of PRAMET, SANDVIK, METABO, BOSH and HUSQVARNA.

    COPOTEX CZ a.s.

    The joint stock company is engaged in injection molded parts made from engineering plastics. Manufactures parts mainly for the automotive industry. They specialize in plastic components for vehicle interiors. Production of plastic parts is supported by its own tool, which ensures the production of plastic injection molds and repair of existing tools.

    CZ Diesel s.r.o.

    CZ Diesel is a supplier and manufacturer of spare parts for internal combustion engines K6S DR 310 and its variants K6 or K12V 230DR and its variants and LIAZ M2-650 (6Z 135T). The main production program the cylinder head and its components for engines K6S DR 310, which are used in rail vehicles e.g. locomotives CME S200 LDE 1500 etc. and also in energy machines Workers in Peru, Nigeria, Greece, India, etc.

    CZ LOKO, a.s.

    The company CZ LOKO, Inc., is the largest Czech producer of diesel-electric locomotives according to standards TSI, UIC and GOST gauge rail network with 1,435, 1,520 and 1,524 mm. The product portfolio includes production of new locomotives, modernization, repairs vehicles dependent and independent traction, maintenance and lease of locomotives.

    DIFORM CNC s.r.o.

    DIFORM CNC Ltd. It is a small manufacturing and trading company specializing in the machining of metallic and non-metallic materials.

    DIVESOFT s.r.o.

    Research in the area of diving and development and production of special equipment for diving.

    EMP, s.r.o.

    EMP, Ltd. is a company focused on engineering production in the segment metalworking and locksmithing. EMP Ltd. It provides products and services not only in Slovakia but also abroad. Thanks to the investment and modernization policy focuses on specific customer requirements.

    FANYCO s.r.o.

    The company offers design and production of special and cutting tools, CNC milling and turning, laser marking and engraving.

    Formy Tachov s.r.o.

    Company Formy Tachov Ltd. It was established in 1995 by separating from the tool Inc. Strojplast Tachov. The company specializes in the design, manufacture and repair of high-quality plastic injection molds.

    Heidenhain s.r.o.

    DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH Company opened in Prague in 1993, a technical office, whose main focus was consultancy. Today, the company specializes in the repair and testing power electronics, training and programming and customer support.

    HT Metal s.r.o.

    HT Metal Company is one of the specialists in the field of metalworking, milling, turning and grinding using of classic and CNC machines. The company specializes in the printing industry and their production goes to foreign as well as domestic market.


    The company is a leading European manufacturer that has more than 175 years of tradition in the manufacture of borosilicate glass. It offers a very wide range of household, industrial, laboratory and technical glass, pipes and industrial equipment. Distributes products under its own brands and Simax® Kavalier®, but also offers customized solutions under the brand name of the customer.

    ING. Jiří Sohr, MBA

    Kovex Production company is engaged in purely mechanical engineering, custom engineering, rotating and non-rotating components using conventional methods of machining and CNC technology. Prevailing production of steel machine parts. They also have experience working stainless, wear resistant steels and machining of hard metals - as well as wire-standard technologies. Molybdenum is a specialty machining - turning.

    LAURUS, s.r.o.

    Our core business is custom manufacturing, providing a complete service for the supply of engineering components and products according to supplied drawings, 3D models or samples of the customer.

    LT KOVO s.r.o.

    The company has a 20-year history, when in 1989 followed the long tradition of metalworking, mechanical engineering and foundry Tauber family business. The company focuses on CNC machining, metalworking, production of steel, plastics, servicing of machines and equipment.

    Markos Trading s.r.o.

    MARKOS Trading is a production-engineering-consulting company. They focus on the custom engineering production of complete machines, equipment and individual mechanical parts.

    Moniform s.r.o.

    The company has manufacturing, design and servicing of all types of molds. Ensures moldings and prototypes in electrical engineering, armament, automotive and general industry.

    Moravské kovárny a.s.

    Company is focused on the production of steel forgings formed Hot for the automotive industry, construction industry, railway equipment, agricultural and construction machinery. Tool factory provides design and production tools for forming Hot and Cold. The company uses the latest CAD-CAM software Euclid Strässle, SolidWorks and HSMWorks for 20 CNC machines.

    MRSTEEL s.r.o.

    The company was founded in 1996 and is engaged primarily in metal machining on CNC lathes and CNC milling machines. It also has a welding technique TIG and MIG. It provides complete production of parts including hardening and finishes.

    MTA Group s.r.o.

    The company performs laser marking, engraving and CNC milling. It also offers flat grinding. It produces labels dashboards and door plates. Describes a laser surface polished, sandblasted, painted black finish, enamel, and others.

    NASAFORM nástrojáreň spol. s r. o.

    Since the founding of the company engaged in the design, development and sales of molds, tools and machinery products, metal processing. The company's mission is to satisfy customers' requirements in the production of tools and molds. Maximum satisfaction are trying to achieve through individual approach and comprehensive services to ensure the production and technical staff.

    N.F.I. METALL S.R.O.

    The company is engaged in engineering custom manufacturing in the field of non-rotating and rotating machines and services related to these fields. Its equipment and technological support to focus on the production of parts and assemblies according to customer requirements.

    NZ nástrojárna a kovoobráběčství

    The company is engaged in machining and locksmith for 20 years. Specialization is medium and heavy machining of metallic and non-metallic materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, nylon and others. Locksmith workshop is able to offer its own capacity and in cooperation with cooperation, ensuring a complete production common in this field.

    Prim Tool s.r.o.

    Company is focused on the production of injection molds, tools, equipment, products, and special gauges for parts of fine mechanics, watchmaking, automotive and electronics industries.

    Proform CNC Nástrojárna spol. s r.o.

    The main specialty of the company is the production of frames of molds for plastic injection moldings. Initially, it was all the company's production is directed to the German market.

    PROVE TECH CZ s.r.o.

    Company PROVE TECH CZ Ltd. It was founded in late 2008 by a decision of the company KENNAMETAL EXTRUDE HONE Ltd. in the United States, to cancel all its activities in the Czech Republic, concerning the thermal deburring and continuing dedication only its core business, ie. the development, design and manufacture of machinery for thermal deburring. Due to the overwhelming superiority of this method and its 100% reliability, while respecting the fundamental principles, the company's management PROVE TECH CZ Ltd. decided to continue this activity.

    SAN-TECH Stavební geologie s.r.o.

    The company main menu is improving of environment of chlorinated hydrocarbons, solvents (butyl acetate), heavy metals, etc. Manufacturing products made ​​to order for geological exploration and ecology and finally own locksmith service. The Company has a single-piece, small batch and mass production of parts from simple 2D to very complex 3D parts.

    Seco Group a.s.

    Seco GROUP Inc. It is the dominant producer of mowing tractors in the Czech Republic and a major supplier of this technology, especially to EU countries. The company is one of the leading foundries in the Czech Republic in smaller precise nodular cast iron particularly for European manufacturers of cars and trucks, tractors and construction equipment.

    SOLID Brno s.r.o.

    The company is engaged in machining and series production on CNC machines. The company sells sintered materials and products coated using powder metallurgy suitable as contact materials in electronics.

    SORGES s.r.o.

    Sorges Company focuses on the machining of difficult parts. They focus primarily on the CNC machining of aluminum alloys, as well as plastics, steel and cast iron.

    STAMIT, s.r.o.

    STAMIT Company, Ltd. It focuses on the production of parts for small, medium and large series. Products that produce fall into all areas of industry. As the main producing state in the field of optical instruments, printing machinery, automotive, and electrical industries.

    STROJTEX - GBHP s.r.o.

    The company was founded in 1996. Most of its past activities focused on the development, production and service of binding parts for winding machine. Since 1993, company focuses on the custom manufacturing of machine parts. Companies existing machine park used for machining various parts according to customer drawings.

    TGS nástroje-stroje-technologické služby s.r.o.

    From a small family business importing into Bohemia leading Swiss taps during nearly a quarter century of its existence turned in a medium-sized engineering company. Today works for them around seventy employees and have several thousand satisfied customers. Their portfolio includes machines, tools and technologies from those the most renowned manufacturers in the world. Of course there is customer service provided to all delivered products.

    TRIGA-MF s.r.o.

    From 1994 is Company TRIGA-MF spol. s r.o. focused on design, development, manufacture and sale of additional equipment for construction machinery, special service tools for the automotive industry and hydraulic components.

    TRUSTACOM s.r.o.

    The company specializes in the production of injection molds, blow molds and injection of miniature technical plastic moldings on BABYPLAST press machines.

    VASMO s.r.o.

    Vasmo Company Ltd. was founded in 1996. The main production program was focused on large-scale production. Nowadays, in addition to serial production is carried out, the exact piece production. The main advantages are high precision manufacturing and high flexibility.

    VKF - nástrojárna s.r.o.

    Tool factory works since 1991. Since very beginning is company specialized in producing of molds for injection molding and blow molding, CNC machining, design and manufacture of graphite electrodes.

    VOP CZ, s.p.

    VOP CZ, dp It is a company which is profiled in the field of military technology, engineering and manufacturing development. The enterprise mainly engaged in repairing military equipment and machinery production. On its own development continues modernization and production of military equipment and the production of civilian products.

    VKV HORÁK s.r.o.

    The company is focused on the design, development work in the field of mechanical engineering, tool and metalworking. The company offers design, prototyping, manufacturing of mechanical parts or assemblies for instrumentation mechanics and the associated tools production, forming and injection molds for mass production.

    VÚHŽ a.s.

    The company is focused on metallurgical products (finalized centrifugal castings, rolling special sections for heat), coating of tools and molds and production of measuring, control and automation equipment for metallurgical plants, foundries and steel mills. The company prefers supplies to order according to individual customer requirements. Top quality, customer service and customer care is a natural part of supply.

    WINSTON Production s.r.o.

    The company operates in the field of engineering. The company is currently focused on production of machinery, parts and individual machine components according to customer documentation, drilling long, accurate holes and implementing machine operations on preparations supplied by the customer.

    W-tech s.r.o.

    W-tech, Ltd. been on the market since 2001. The company's main activity is the piece and small engineering industrial machinery and subgroups, tools, fixtures technology, manufacture of molds for technical rubber molding and manufacture of machinery components.

    ŽAC s.r.o.

    The company is mainly focused on small custom production. Company prefers personal meetings with customers, keeping delivery deadlines and high quality production during order processing. The company has many regular and satisfied customers with this approach.

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