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    1C Pro s.r.o. company creates postprocessors for various control systems of CNC machines not only related to HSMWorks, but to any CAM system too. The postprocessors are very important issue because it is one part of the chain in the production line. If the part of the chain is missing, or it it is invalid, the whole production will suffer because of it.


    CAD services

    1C Pro s.r.o. company makes a design or construction processing including reverse engineering. It includes 3D CAD prototypes, moulds, patterns etc. Everything is created in HSMWorks from parts, through assemblies up to drawings.

    CAD služby

    CAM services

    1C Pro s.r.o. company creates NC codes according to 3D CAD parts to any CNC control system. HSMWorks creates the top professional level NC codes and a lot of manufacturing companies didn't know how much the HSMWorks NC codes could increase the machining productivity together with tool life increasing.

    CAM služby


    1C Pro s.r.o. company offers cooperation among various customers. The benefit is the production is placed at the most suitable company to make it.



    1C Pro s.r.o. company offers analysis of the customer's needs to reach the best optimization.

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