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    CAD general

    SolidWorks is the most widely used CAD system, which has become a certain standard both in engineering and in other fields of industry. With this position many other third-party development teams create applications that are directly integrated into the SolidWorks which extend the capabilities of the already full CAD system. In any event, SolidWorks offers users single and rapid CAD processing in compliance with all standards in the CAD field.

    About the Certification

    Even here it is possible to trace some differences, because integration can be at different levels. It can be said that in the CAM area is HSMWorks the best integrated, because it is not "only" integrated, but from the beginning created for SolidWorks. This means that integration into SolidWorks is complete (User Interface, Application Logic, use of Database ...) and everything is uniform. Once you know how to work in SolidWorks, so you know also how to work in HSMWorks.

    Introduction - CAD for easy use with professional results

    SolidWorks is fully parametric CAD system for creating volume or flat parts. Parts can be processed in modes part, assembly, or drawing. SolidWorks is an advantage, not only allows you to read a variety of transmission formats, but also allows you to download directly inside formats other CAD systems. In integrated applications is naturally using of SolidWorks CAD tools, so integrated applications can focus only the required functions, etc.

    What you acquire/get with SolidWorks:

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